Thursday, November 16, 2017

What A Rush

Okay, gang, as promised... I am happy to finally be able to make the announcement of the title of my next book and show you the cover!

I'm finally in the final stages of publishing... I had forgotten how many stages this part actually had.

It has been a rush writing this book and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I will post more on the pre-ordering once I finalize a date for those interested but for now, I am posting this announcement here in my blog first. Later today, I will start making the announcement in other social media outlets... but you are the first to see the title and cover...

I hope to have published as soon as possible, so please be patient with me. I am shooting for Dec 1st, if things work out in my favor...


REVERSION - Steven W Lowe
Sci-Fi Western (170 Pages - November 2017)

REVERSION is a Western set in the future between two worlds, Earth, and her closest Earth-type neighbor, Danzor -if 4.5 billion miles can be considered neighborly.

Derek Chase had finally built the perfect life. He married the most beautiful gal in Kansas and they moved to New York where he took a prestigious job as prosecution attorney with the Alliance of Federated Planets. After his beautiful daughter was just a over a year old, he took that final step and made the decision to start his own law practice, cutting the strings from the Alliance -which no one had ever done before. That dream was shattered in one horror-filled violent night.

In a world that had reverted back to a time when justice was found at the end of a smoking barrel, Derek, breaking a promise to his wife, baby girl and to himself, also reverted back to his old self, to seek revenge on those responsible for destroying his life.

About the Author

Steven calls North West Atlanta, GA home. Reversion was inspired by his love of old westerns, which he enjoys watching with his father, combined with another love -science fiction. When he’s not penning one of his stories, Steven enjoys anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, backpacking, and just plain old sitting out back next to the fire pit melting marshmallows between some grams and chocolate.