Sunday, November 13, 2011

It Feels Good To Be Home

I was released Friday the 11th. 11-11-11 will hold a special place in my heart now since that is the day I was released.

This past month or two has been the toughest thing I have had to go through, especially this past week. But with the prayers of friends, family, and the friends of those folks, and the grace of God I was given a clean bill of health and was sent home.

The pathology report stated that the lymph nodes were clean and the mass was benign.

I am still in enormous pain but have meds to keep that under control. I did suffer a slight set-back though. -since I was medicated on Morphine my time-line may be messed yo but I will give it a go...

On Wednesday, I believe it was, they noticed that one of the three incisions, also the larger of the three, developed an infection.

My doctor wanted to start me on I.V. antibiotics and wanted to keep me another "day or two" to monitor the progress. At this point, I was due to go home on Thursday. When he stated "another day or two" my heart dropped. By this point I was ready to come home and start the healing progress without having my my slumber interrupted by the staff to take my vitals.

I fully understand that the staff needs this information and I was very accommodating. Now that I am home and getting plenty of rest, I am feeling much better.

I want to thank my surgeon, Dr. Shroff and his team for taking such good care of me during the surgery. He is an awesome guy and mad me feel so comfortable prior to the surgery. He was empathetic to me, my needs, and my questions and I was comfortable with knowing he was going to take such good care of me.

I also want to take this time to give a special thanks and express my utmost respect to the team at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital - Marietta GA

They not only were professional but they went over and beyond their duties. They
A healthcare professional doesn't have to enter into your room quietly to take your vitals, but they did at Kennestone. They softly came in and woke me up gently to take my vitals. because I was awaken so softly, once they were through, I went back to sleep quickly. One nurse even told me that I slept through the process one night. I was in a position that she could slip the BP cuff around my arm so she didn't feel the need to wake me up.

The dietary representative was awesome as she worked out a meal plan with me each day I was eating (I was on a "NPO" restriction for a while) and helped me pick out the foods that I liked. She was awesome.

Any time I needed anything, the staff there at Kennestone were more than happy to help me or my family and helped without complaining and did so with a smile and an obvious genuine willingness to help.

The staff at Kennestone -along with their cheerfulness and willingness to help me down the healing road- is what provided the nurturing and healing atmosphere that was felt as soon as I woke up in my room after the surgery.

So, Thank you to to the team at Kennestone Hospital. I am grateful that I was in your care and I wish you all well.