Monday, May 8, 2017

It's Your World, You Decide

In a post on one of the many writer's Facebook pages I am a member of, someone posted a question about his story-line. To protect the innocent, I will say that she asked about the functionality of a certain group. She stated that her friend said it would not work, and was stupid.
WOW! I mean, really?

Back in the day, someone decided to put a straight man in tights, place a cape on his back and a huge letter "S" on his chest and made him fly. Look how that turned out.
I would be willing to bet that one of his friends may have even said, "Men don't fly. That's stupid."

Here are four points to remember as a writer. (and yes I have to remind myself of these as well)

1)      You can't make everyone happy.
                   Ann rice said in a video, she still gets reviews staying that Interview With a Vampire is the worst book ever written.

2)      Your momma's opinion doesn't matter.
                     I love my parents big-time and they will be supportive of anything I work on.  However I know I probably won't get constructive comments about my work. If you want honest opinions, ask strangers. Although when working on REVERSION, she stopped reading because it was too graphic. That was the highest compliment I could receive.

3)      It's your world, you are the creator.
                    If you want to leave a car parked in the lot at the airport for three years, make it so. Is it possible for a car to be left there for that long, maybe not, in real life, but in your story, which is FICTION by the way, it can happen because it is part of your story.

James Patterson "does not write realisms"... his words not mine. He writes just beyond that. In one of his books, kids were part of an experiment, and one of them grew wings. NOT POSSIBLE!!!! some might say, but it was in his story.

4).     If a woman can write about a geeky little kid with round glasses that learns magic, then you can do anything you want.

It's your world so you decide what exists there, in what color, in what size, and for how long. 

-See you on the shelves.