Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I wanted to take this time to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope that 2013 was AWESOME and that 2014 will be even more AWESOMERERER!!! Is that even a word? Well, it needs to be. I hope that you will be able to keep your resolutions and that the resolutions you declared will make you a better person.

We finally got moved out of the house and into an apartment. Even though the apartment is quite nice, it is a huge adjustment to go from a large house to a small one-level three-bedroom apartment. We have boxes stacked up to the ceilings in the two bedrooms and boxes all over the master bedroom. We literally have a trail made through the apartment between the boxes.

So, what is my plan for the next twelve months?

I gotta say that for the first few months, I will not be writing. We are going to be spending much of our time looking for a new house. However, I do plan to finish up with "Plan Right and Pack Light" and get it published by the end of '14, hopefully before December so it can go on sale by Christmas. I am about 85% finished with the first draft and then the editing process will kick in, which will take a while.

I hope it will not disappoint you. Plan Right and Pack Light will offer more tips on how to go a bit lighter as well as touch on the "Plan Right" aspect of backpacking. There are a few ways to plan right, and I offer my way of planning right.

You can plan all month for a trip but you also need to pack your pack correctly -and there is more than one way to pack it "correctly". I simply cover my way of how I pack that suits me and my needs while on the trail.

If I can get Plan Right and Pack Right out there I will start on my next project and it will be one of fiction. I have a story that has been simmering in the back of my mind like a big ol' pot of slow-cooked deer chili. The flavors are all blending together quite nicely and I hope it will be an entertaining read. So keep an eye out for that one.

 If you know anyone who is interested in reading fiction, check out my site at for updates as they unfold and have them subscribe to my blog.

Once we get settled into our new house, I should be busy the remainder of the year with writing and other projects like my YouTube videos of more backpacking adventures.

I wish you a healthy, wealthy, and rewarding year ahead!