Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cover Art and Title to be Revealed Soon

A quick note to say, I am so very close to revealing my next book, I want to let you in on a secret.

I will  release the title, and the cover art to subscribers of my blog, right here, before anyone else...
You will get to see it before the world.

The book is a Sci-Fi Western, set in the future and spans between two worlds, Earth, and her closest Earth-type neighbor, Sanbromida -if 4.5 billion miles can be considered neighborly.

Derek Chase is a the top attorney for the Alliance of Federated Planets. He soon grows weary of the red tape associated with Corporate Law and faces a decision to follow his dream. His dream of opening his own practice, now that his family has started, isturned upside-down in one night.

Breaking a promise to his wife, baby girl and himself, Derek reverts back to his old self to seek revenge on those responsible for destroying his life.


Here is a short excerpt:

Before the War
Condensation collected down his glass and fell onto his silk tie as he stared out the window and sipped. He flicked it away without thinking about it, as if it were commonplace for him to be sitting on a shuttle between two worlds. Between a world he knew intimately, the world he was born to and grew up on, and the new world. The inhabitants called it Danzor. He sipped his drink and remembered the times before the war.

Derek gave up drinking close to two years prior, when they found out Erin was pregnant, but frustration had taken over so he ordered a drink. He enjoyed First-Class shuttle flight, since the drinks were free, and since the Alliance paid for the flight. So today he figured, why not and ordered a Scotch on the rocks.

Before the war Derek was happy. Earth was in good shape, and humans treated each other with peaceful regard. But he scoffed while gazing out the window into the universe, thinking how much smaller it had become and how things have changed in his own lifetime.
He checked his phone, still no call.

In 1977 NASA launched a probe, called Voyager 1. Voyager’s two-fold mission was to probe the vast open space, outside of Earth’s solar system, and send a message out into the void vacuum of space with hopes of a response. The probe performed flybys of planets and systems, while constantly sending the message. Voyager sent the message millions of times during it’s travels seeking out an answer.

Around 2027, Voyager’s generators stopped supplying electric power to the scientific instruments, but Voyager still ventured forth. Still sent the message. Still listened for a response.
It is dangerous to listen for the unknown.

In the year 2050, the call was answered by the Danzorian, a civilization billions of miles from earth. They resembled humans in both their physical appearance as well as their mannerisms, so they were able to blend in without effort when they migrated to Earth, despite their noses being a touch smaller and fingers having a little extra length to them compared humans. Most humans, however had trouble learning their language, so they offered assistance in developing a device that could be implanted near the middle ear, that provided instant translation for the humans and the Danzorian so both species could understand the other’s language.

Before the Danzorian responded to the message, before trips to other planets became as normal as going across town, in a hover craft, the universe was much smaller. Before they answered the call, people on Earth thought they were the only ones.

How arrogant, he thought.

Then, the Danzorians replied.

Imagine that. Humans learned that they weren’t the only ones in the universe? Some said I told you so and felt vindicated; some panicked and went to their secret survival cabins in the mountains and the deserts. And some worshiped the newcomers like gods, casting aside their initial religious belief systems. The Danzorian saw the human’s gullibility and set themselves up to be worshipped while taking advantage of them. Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims alike lined up to worship the new True Gods of the world.

Earth did benefit a little from Danzorian’s arrival. However, in the end the Danzorian’s technology came close to destroying Earth and most of humanity. Earth managed to repair herself; the ozone layer healed, trees recovered and provided clean air once again and oceanic life repopulated the waters, but humanity took the hardest hit and stayed down. For Derek, the worst part of them arriving, even though they arrived before he was born, marked the beginning of the dissection of the World Order Government which was in place to maintain the peace -a system that was working at the time.

The governing powers of Danzor reached out to Earth to escape persecution from their enemy, the Sozarians. The Danzorians asked the leaders of Earth if they could use Earth as a home base during the war. The leaders of the U.N. refused at first, not trusting the human-look-a-alike aliens, but the Danzorian offered their protection, during the war, and technology in exchange for our letting them use Earth. They reached an agreement, and during the following years, the Danzorian shared their technology with Earth and Earth started exporting cotton, tobacco, alcohol, and other products to Danzor. Among the most exported, and what became Earth’s most valued export, was plastics. The Danzorian were amazed at the simplicity of plastic and its usefulness.

Humans welcomed the Danzorian’s new and exciting technology, with which, humans began deep-space exploration, and began converting regular modes of transportation into hover crafts. Due to interaction with new species, the U.N. evolved into the Alliance of Federated Planets. The Danzorian began to colonize Earth bringing along their technology, during which time, they prepared for the inevitable war with the Sozarians, who attacked in 2084.

The war continued for six years.


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